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Metadataminer Catalogue PRO Portugues 4.1.20
Lista interativa de navigaçao nas pastas de ficheiros com vizualizaçao das palavras-chaves e outros metadados permitindo criar resultados sob forma de paginas HTML para publicaçao na rede, exporte csv para Excel, Word e saidas XML. Faz actualizaçao em massa de campos de resumo de documentos Office para mudar por ex. o autor, o nome da empresa, a categoria em todos os documentos Word de uma pasta. Portugues, ingles, espanhol, frances, alemao
metadados, listagem de pastas, catalogar, catalogaçao, lista ficheiros, extrair meta data, extracçao metadados, propriedades de ficheiros, resumo word, ms office,
infoRouter Document Management Software 7.0
infoRouter Version 7 is an Electronic Document Management Software System that includes Workflow, Content & Portal Management, Knowledge Management, Electronic Forms, ISO 9000 Document Control and Regulatory Compliance modules under one integrated software suite.
document management software, electronic document management, content management, iso document control, knowledge management, portal management, workflow, scanning interface, web services, api,
Signumsoft HtmlNavigator (CMS) 2004
Turn Microsoft Word Documents into a Home Page! Define a structure over existing Microsoft Word Documents you want to publish on the internet. With the structure and the documents, Signumsoft HtmlNavigator will build a Home Page inclusive navigation! It accepts Microsoft Word Documents, Html files and Plain Text files (*.doc, *.html, *.txt). For easy upload, an FTP client is implemented as well.
home, page, desktop, content, management, system, cms, html, microsoft, word,
emagiC CMS.Net 3.0
The emagiC CMS.Net framework is Europe's fastest growing content management system for building internet, intranet and portal sites. The framework has a large set of modules (wysiwyg, dynamic menu, rotator, image & document gallery, mailForm, rss feed, search, newsletter, active directory, form generator, xforms). Based on MS .NET Framework v2.0. Open and scalable architecture to integrate with existing legacy systems. Free version available.
content management, cms, site management, portal, xforms, free version,
Courier Mail Server 2.06
Courier Mail Server is a Windows e-mail server for office and home networks. Compact, easy to configure and usage, multithreaded, contains Web and SOCKS servers. It will help you to quickly arrange e-mail exchange in local network and Internet. Major Features: SMTP and POP3 services; Web server with PHP support (HTTP service); support of multiple mail domains; flexible sorting and antispam mail filtering; user and domain aliases...
cms, courier mail server, courier, mail, e-mail, server, web, http, socks, proxy,
Saurus CMS Free for Windows 4.5.3
Saurus CMS Free is a web publishing software combining daily content management features with full range of site administration and development tools. With Saurus CMS you can easily set up any public website, extranet or intranet, manage user access and configure integration with 3rd party systems. Download now or create your own instant copy by signing-up for an on-demand version at
content management system, content management software, cms, web publishing, web development,
ActiPOINT 1.11
ActiPOINT of COMIREL offers a comprehensive call management and contact management: Third-party-conference, managing 3 phones, call forwarding, call redirection ... . It indicate who calls. A call is exactly a click far. Extension modules exists to integrate ActiPOINTs dialling options in other programs like Outlook and Lotus Notes. In interaction with ActiPOINTserver can build up a network capable sytem. ActiPOINT can cut down phone expenses.
contact management system, call management, third-party-conference, call forwarding, 3 phones, call redirection, line toggling, lines on hold, tapi, cms,
Ektron CMS400.NET 6.0
What do you want your Web site to do? Ektron CMS400.NET lets you do whatever you want to do on the Web. CMS400.NET provides features like content & document management, Web site analytics, blogging, forums, navigation tools, and online calendars. Want 10 good reasons to check out CMS400.NET: Web site analytics, Memberships, Web Alerts, HTML Form Builder, Blogging, Forums, eWebEditPro, XML, .NET based, document & content management,
microsoft .net, microsoft's .net, .net, content management, cms, ektron, xml, cms400,, site management,
+CMS Content Management System 2.0.0
In the competitive content management market +CMS Content Management System stands out. With our easy to use and framework and flexible integration capabilities, +CMS is fast to deploy. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to empower non-technical contributors to create and manage Web content?without expensive, lengthy training.
content management system, cms, php application, web application.,
ScholarWord Professional Edition 2.0
ScholarWord formats your paper according to requirements set forth by the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), Council of Science Editors (CSE), Kate L. Turabian's Manual, and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). ScholarWord even saves your citations so you can easily insert or modify the references in the future.
mla, apa, cms, cse, mla style, apa style, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, works cited,
SW for the Chicago Manual of Style 2.0
ScholarWord formats your paper according to requirements set forth by the 15th Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and the Sixth Edition of Kate Turabian?s Style Manual. ScholarWord even saves your citations so you can easily insert or modify the references in the future.
chicago manual of style, cms, kate turabian style, bibliography, works cited, turabian style, citation, history, turabian guide, bibliography software,
MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO 4.2.26
Interactive Metadata extraction from documents and files providing capability to download file properties from documents, IPTC from jpg, tif images into an XML format in addition to easy HTML reports cataloging folders. Command line mode offers information retrieval automation for collection of file properties with application of XSLT : conversion into a csv PDF or html format delivered with the program or your own XSL for custom uses via batch.
metadata, catalog, file, properties, extraction, xml, xsl, cms, batch, conversion,
enVivo!CMS Classic 3.52
enVivo!CMS Classic is a powerful yet affordable Web Content Management System for Active Server Pages. By separating website design from content, website development and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. Use your WYSIWYG HTML Editor such as Dreamweaver to create templates. enVivo!CMS Classic is easy to install and is perfect for shared web hosts because it's 100% ASP script - there are no DLLs that need to be registered.
web content management, cms, asp cms, content management system, web content management system, asp web content management, asp content management script, web content management software, content management, portal content management,
AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) 1.4.001
AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is a free Open Source Content Management System (CMS), a professional all-inclusive solution to completely manage a website or portal through a user friendly web-interface (WMS - Website Management System). AIOCP is also a framework for web application development and includes e-commerce and e-business modules.
aiocp, all in one control panel, content management system, cms, open source, e-commerce, e-business, wysiwyg, editor, website,
Xtreeme WebsMill Free Edition 1.0
Using this web development (CMS) software based on XML/XSL technology you can create websites that are extremely flexible and easy to change through separation of content and graphical appearance of a web site. No XSL knowledge required! Features include: automatic FTP upload, automatic graphics generation based on content, visual or source-level website creation, XML import, integrated preview window, HTML import and more...
web development, xsl, xml, html, cms, windows, editor, content management system, tool, software,
Pure SEO CMS 3.01
Web site content management, rapid application development software for high quality SEO, CSS compliant sites. Super blogging allows beginners to enter their content easily and select a design. Experts save significant time and control all template files to automate powerful SEO, accessibility and alternating designs routines. Comes with pre-built website designs and many design wizards and powerful code generators. No online server to setup.
content management, cms, seo, rad, blogging, superblogging, website, builder, design, compliant,
Site Builder Software 1.0
Site Builder Software allows you to easily build a dynamic web site with an automatically generated menu structure, auto keyword and description meta tag generation, inbuilt RSS feeds and valid XHTML coding. It provides a quick and easy to use solution to Web Site creation and is suitable for anyone wanting to create and maintain a clean valid web site with ease, from novices to experienced professional web site developers.
site builder, web site builder, cms software, content management, dynamic web site, cms, softswot,
ContentSpring 1.3
Simplify web publishing by saving directly from Microsoft Word to ContentSpring and have your files turned into organized web pages.
word, website, intranet, extranet, cms, content, webpage, web, page, document,
CD brochure builder 3.61a
Build powerful multimedia CD catalogues and brochures containing any number or combination of text, video, picture, sound, PPT, EXE, PDF, DOC, XLS or HTM files. Simply drag and drop your content files to create you own multimedia CD information resource that will display your content in the sequence you require. The program design and operation are very simple and absolutely no programming is required.
cd, catalogue, catalog, cd brochures, cms, media library, video, powerpoint, content management, minicat,
Bitrix Site Manager 4.0.5
The Bitrix Site Manager software includes 18 modules that provide for management of the site information content, structure, forums, advertising, newsletter subscription, assigning access rights to the user groups, traffic statistics analysis, advertising campaign performance estimation and more.
content management, cms, site manager, statistics, web analytics, workflow, html editor, oracle, php,
Lisk CMS 4.3
Lisk Content Management System is a comprehensive user friendly Content Management System developed by Createch Group. The latest version is Lisk CMS v.4.3 which incorporates five years of work and experience. Lisk CMS is a multifunctional system and can be used as content management solution for a wide range of web sites i.e. corporate, e-commerce, community and intranet/extranet systems.
content management system, cms, site management, web-site management, site content management, online content management,
Saurus CMS Free for Windows 4.5.3
Saurus CMS Free is a web publishing software combining daily content management features with full range of site administration and development tools. With Saurus CMS you can easily set up any public website, extranet or intranet, manage user access and configure integration with 3rd party systems. Download now or create your own instant copy by signing-up for an on-demand version at
content management system, content management software, cms, web publishing, web development,
Accura Site Content Management System 2.0.1
"Site CMS is a browser based Private label content management system which allowing your clients to edit, update and manage website content and it is using intuitive and familiar Ms-Word (WYSIWYG editor) Processing type interfaces. It's ideal for anyone who does their website content maintenance. Take an extensive control over your site. No HTML knowledge or web design experience needed.
web content management, web content management software, content management, html editor, wysiwyg, web authoring solutions, content management system, asp content management, wysiwyg editor, html text editor,
Nuxeo EP 5.1.2.GA
Nuxeo EP is an innovative open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, based on modern Java EE standards and components. It can be used to implement document management, knowledge management, digital assets management or workflow applications, managing up to millions of documents and terabytes of data. With its service-oriented architecture, it is extremely easy to configure, extend and integrate into your information system.
ecm, cms, dms, content management, enterprise content management, document management, collaboration, cscw, records management, rm,
BarracudaDrive Pro Web Server 3.9.1
BarracudaDrive is an easy to use web server for small businesses and home users. The server can easily be configured and used by non techies. The server includes the following ready to use plugins: Content Management System, Electronic Bulletin Board, WebDAV Server, Web File Manager, HTTPS tunnel, various SSL VPN tunnel clients.
cms, content management system, file server, web file manager, web server, remote access, forum, remote desktop, virtual private network, vpn,
iChange.NET 2.0
iChange.NET is a revolutionary content management console. iChange.NET transforms web editing and complex HTML tasks into a fast and enjoyable user experience. iChange? suits small and mid size businesses wishing to manage their online content and identit, content management, cms, web authoring, wysiwyg, iwms, mojo,
nBit WYSIWYG HTML Editor ActiveX 3.1.1
HTML WYSIWYG Edit ActiveX Control for CMS and CRM designers. Features table editing, CSS support, customizable language localizatation. Inc. FTP class can upload images to a web server automatically or, can be used independently. HTML DOM branch status bar allows manipulation of tags, object properties and CSS classes of any HTML node. Compatible with any environment that supports ActiveX components such as VB6 , Microsoft Office 2000+ , VS.NET.
html, wysiwyg, activex, ocx, content management, cms, web editor, controls,
nBit HTML Viewer ActiveX 1.4
A HTML viewer activeX control for any software developer. Integrates easily into any development environment that support activeX controls. Perfect for the programmer who wants to display media rich content in HTML format in their applications. Supports HTML input as a string or URL. CSS can by included from a URL or a valid CSS rules string. Mouse clicks can be tracked and users can copy HTML from the control as text or HTML.
html, activex, content management, cms, rich media, controls,
clingFilm content management system 1.1.7
clingFilm is an ASP based content management system Designed with simplicity in mind clingFilm offers total website admin to the complete novice.
cms, content management, content management system, clingfilm cms, clingfilm, website admin, web site admin,
Portello Online SiteEditor 1.07.0001
Portello is a completely new and unique way of updating a web site. Portello is a plug-in to Internet Explorer that puts your page into an editable mode. The easiest and the fastest way of updating your web site. A misspelled word is corrected faster than a Ferrari accelerates from zero to 65 mph! Press a button and your web page as you see it becomes editable. Press another button and your changes will be saved instantly to the web server.
web editing, web editor, homepage editing, cms, content management system, web browser, editing, web publishing, publish, homepage,


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